OK 2 Grow At Charles Page High School

Our 3D department has teamed up with the Pathways Fair once again to bring the knowledge of the workforce to those faced with joining it, this time at the Charles Page High School in Sand Springs. If you haven’t been keeping up with our blog, please check out a previous article titled All Set to Ensure the Future of Manufacturing from the link below for the backstory on OK 2 Grow’s innovative project. As before, it must be stressed how important the continued flow of young minds is to the 3D Printing and manufacturing world. Whether it is to create 3D content, medium programs with which to design the content, or means by which to fabricate it, this growing niche of the industrial world will be sure to welcome capable youth to the cause.  Below are some pictures taken at last week’s event.


Charles Page Pic 1Charles Page Pic 2Charles Page Pic 4

Charles Page Pic 3Charles Page Pic 5






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