3D Printing Prosthetics for Dolls


Discovering over the years, that toy dolls have played an important position in the development of a young girls’ self-esteem or insecurities. Having a doll that young girls can recognize and see a little bit of themselves from within, has proven to be of extreme importance, which is why some companies and individuals have made it their mission to diversify the toy doll market. A prolific maker team known as the Ruiz Brothers has brought such an effort forth, by creating designs for 3D printed doll prosthetics for anyone to create at home. What inspired the maker team was a Facebook video about a young girl named Emma from Texas who received a doll with a custom prosthetic leg. Realizing the doll could relate to her situation, Emma cried with joy and held her doll close. You can see the touching video below.

The prosthetic limb created for Emma’s doll were made by A Step Ahead Prosthetics, who inspired the Ruiz Brothers to make their own 3D printed prosthetics for dolls. The makers state that the video of Emma’s story inspired them to use 3D printing and CAD software to show people how to make their own prosthetics for their dolls. Many wonder if you have to remove their dolls original limbs in order to put in the doll’s prosthetics the answer is no fortunately, the Ruiz Brothers design of the 3D printed limbs are meant to completely replace the original pieces you want removed. The maker wants to encourage all users (even children) to create a 3D model that they can make as their own.

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