On the 14th of July Japan’s Nintendo has announced that they are relaunching the classic Nintendo entertainment system, this console is a miniature special edition with 30 preloaded packaged games which will be released in November 11th. Though some tech-lovers had their questionable eyebrows raised on Nintendo’s mini NES many gamers are looking forward to the upcoming Mini system, and having Nintendo’s official approval guarantees a couple of important things such as game quality, proper aspect ratios and resale value. For those who prefer their system with a custom feel, tech blogger (Draft Mike) has constructed his own mini NES console 40% the size of the original, which he added some interesting features that were not officially re-released by Nintendo. In a blog post mike explains his love for the classic console giving great detail of the machine’s features, not just the games itself but some of the most important characteristics of the NES.


Revitalizing not only the gaming experience but the formality of powering it up and loading the console, mike has made a 3d printed NES version of the console that can take plastic game cartridges instead of on screen game selection, although these games aren’t the original and official cartridges the 3d printed version have been equipped with near field communication tags (NFC). Having the NFC reader applied inside the console itself, the system will recognize any of the game cartridge that is inserted and load it up on the screen.  To the core of the system, the emulator in mike’s NES use a Retropie and Python script intended for the NFC tags. Mike has even 3d printed 40% scale NES controller, however the design has no intentions to rival the original. His demonstrates impressive design skills and that is worth a round of applause.

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