3D prosthetic for 2 year old boy…

Texas high school students create 3D printed prosthetic for two year old boy.

A group of high school students from Leader, Texas designed a partial prosthetic 3D printed hand for a two year old boy named Zaxton. Herb Wasson, teacher of Robotics stated, “Instead of using a pre-existing design they recreated a smaller hand that would fit Zaxton perfect.” The students James Bell, Lexi Wilson and Jacob Ostrander began to realize just how personally rewarding it was to undertake such a project and worked diligently before and after school putting in several hours for months. The goal was clear, create a prosthetic that was both functional and comfortable for Zaxton to wear in public. These three students exemplify what can be accomplished when people of all ages come together for the common good of others. The students did not do this to receive credit, so imagine their surprise when they won a state competition. Now these students are designing, prototyping and competing against other teams all over the country.


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