How to 3D Print a Village



Not a miniature village, a real on   e, full size and full of people. What if you took it a step further and ventured into 3D printing not just a village, but one of the most advanced, fully sustainable, and self sufficient model societies ever imagined.  That is what Italian company WASP (Worlds Advanced Saving Project), and the municipality of Massa Lombarda have set out to create, and it all begins with WASP’s most impressive creation, Big Delta. Big Delta is a 3D printer stands at a towering 40 (12 meters) high, and uses the natural clay of the area around it as a build material.


The intended name for this “maker economy” is Shambhala, which is also the name of the city of paradise in the Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism religious belief systems. The deal was signed on Wednesday between the company and the municipality for a 3 year renewable contract. The Massa Lombarda mayor Daniele Bassi spoke of the project stating that “Massa Lombarda has always been a district interested in innovation, said Bassi. “The important agreement we signed today proves that the cohesion of energy, allegiance and creativity between the Municipality and a capable Entreprenuer like Massimo Moretti, it’s a crucial element of development for our city and the youth who we want to guarantee an adequate future commensurate to their hope.” Construction on the village will begin in April of next year.


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