3D Printed Freeform House


The winner of the Branch Technology’s Freeform Home Design Challenge is a free form house entitled Curve Appeal.  Designed by the histories architecture studio Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo, it is a 3D printed building that uses no traditional support structure and instead relies on quadrilaterally aligned archways, which while taking into account the interior area, acts as an abutment (a support structure) and an exterior skin. The idea being that the curved form of the building will help blend with the environment more naturally and help create an organic presence in the area. The “freeform” stipulation meant that the buildings were not to be of regular or formal shape.watg-curve-appeal-worlds-first-freeform-3d-printed-house-4


The contest was aimed at architects, designers, engineers and artists, with participants challenged to design a 600-800-sq ft (56-74-sq m) single-family home that rethinks traditional aesthetics, ergonomics, construction, building systems and structure. “Curve Appeal is a very thoughtful approach to the design of our first house,” explains Branch Technology founder Platt Boyd. “It responds well to the site conditions, magnifies the possibilities of cellular fabrication and pushes the envelope of what is possible while still utilizing more economical methods for conventional building systems integration.” 3D printing of the building is expected to begin early next year, and the building will be located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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