3D Printed Honeycomb Fashion

Designer Jamela Law has created a fashion collection inspired by one of nature’s strongest shapes, the honeycomb. The project, called Beeing Human, brings together various fabrication technologies and techniques, such as 3D printing, silicone casting, and hand sewing. The striking series of garments (mainly dresses) that make up the Beeing Human collection are not only beautiful to look at, however, but they carry an important message through both their aesthetic and how they were made.

By integrating a nature-inspired structure and form (the honeycomb), Law says she is trying to convey an important environmental message.

“The fusion of geometric, architectural and biological forms coming together on a human body is to question: why are we not fighting for Mother Nature if we humans are so passionate self-preservation and protection? Beeing Human aims to convey an environmental message, encouraging people to rethink our relationship with nature by joining the dots,” she says.

3D printing, she goes on to explain, was also a crucially important inspiration for the fashion collection, as it enabled her to create and push fashion boundaries in sustainable way. “3D printing is integrated to show how technology can be a design medium, democratizing fashion,” she adds. In keeping with the designer’s environmental message, she chose to work primarily with a biodegradable 3D printing filament called BioFila Silk. According to the designer, the material is not only renewable but actually has better durability than the material it is based on, lignin.

She also adds that with technologies such as 3D scanning at her disposal, her eye-catching garments can easily be customized to the wearer. (This also means her pieces are made-to-order, thus cutting back on wasted materials.)

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