3D Printed Liquid Metal Ford Torino


A 3D printed Liquid Metal Ford Torino is reportedly going up for auction next week. The car was first created in 2013 by Illinois-based artist Ioan Florea, and is recognized as one of the first cars in the world to integrate 3D printing into its design.  The car is being auctioned on January 18, 2017 by Barrett-Jackson, which specializes in the auction of unique vehicles.


Ioan Florea, an Illinois-based artist originating from Transylvania, Romania, first made headlines for his metallic 3D printed car in early 2014. Made using one of the world’s largest industrial binder jet 3D printers by German 3D printer manufacturer Voxeljet AG, the car was one of the first automobiles to employ additive manufacturing.


Visually, the Ford Torino is striking, and we can’t imagine it driving down the street without stopping people in their tracks. The car’s intricate and textural pattern was the result of an algorithm generated through parametric design. To achieve the metallic finish, Florea used an original 3D liq uid metal transfer technique—which he also used to create a liquid metal 3D printed house back in 2014.


The 3D printed car will be put up for auction by Barrett-Jackson on January 18, making it the first 3D printed car to “cross an auction block”. We can’t wait to see how much it sells for!

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