3D Printed Model Helps Baby


Kyra Duchene was born nine weeks early, with a front encepalocele, it is an incredibly rare malformation on the front of the face, where the child’s brain has grown into part of her naval cavity. Surgery to remove this type of issue is obviously a huge challenge even under normal circumstances, and performing it on a six month old child with such a tiny head makes it even more complicated. To help prepare for the operation and to reduce the chance of any issues coming up along the way, doctors created three separate 3D prints of Kyra’s skull to find the most efficient and least damaging way to remove the growth.


The medical professionals were eager to remove the growth as it was quickly becoming a health risk, threatening her ability to see. The doctors spent nearly two hours to anaesthetize the baby before a team of 20 doctors began the nine-hour surgery. The procedure involved peeling away some of the delicate skin around her face, and the removing the abnormal growth f  rom her face, then doctors would replace it by grafting a piece of bone over the new area. Thanks to 3D printing and the doctor hard work, baby Kyra has just celebrated her first birthday happy and growth free.


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