3D Printed Swarming Fish Robots

The name is CoCoRo or Collective Cognitive Robotics, a group of swarming underwater robots who can behave and interact with each other in schooling formations, like fish. Designed by Dr. Thomas Schmickle and his team at the Austrian University of Graz, these awesome little guys can perform tasks by working together such as searching, maintaining, exploring and harvesting resources in underwater habitats. And of course, they were created in part, by using 3D printing.


      The inspiration for this kind of school oriented behavior comes from fish in the sea, who like the CoCoRo Robots can mimic each other’s movement and interact with each other and other swarms collectively. This is another unique function that wouldn’t be possible without 3D printing, which enabled the great minds at the University of Graz to build these machines.


Helsel, Sandra. “Roboticists Create Swarm of 3D-Printed Fish-Like Robots.”Roboticists Create Swarm of 3D-Printed Fish-Like Robots. Inside 3D Printing, 08 June 2015. Web. 08 June 2015.

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