3D Printing Bones

It’s no secret that 3D printing has the potential to re-create organic tissue. But what about bone repair? Could 3D printing one day be used to help mend broken bones and strengthen others? Dr. Jing Yang at the University of Nottingham seems to think so. Re-creating bones is difficult. They are incredibly strong, yet spongy on the inside to allow cell and proteins to pass through them, but researchers at the University of Nottingham say that their printing material might one day be ideal for bone reconstruction and even containing proteins which can promote healing.


According to Yang, the material can be mixed at room temperature and would then cure at around 98 degrees, or the normal temperature of the human body. Yang states that Bioprinting is a hot research area in tissue engineering. It usually requires a printing environment that isn’t compatible with living cells – and those materials that are compatible with living cells usually don’t have sufficient mechanical properties for certain applications,” While fully replacing your bones may still be ways off, the researchers hope their findings can soon be used to help push more complicated reconstructions



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