3D Printing Now in the ‘Eye of the Beholder’

3D printing has been a game changer in virtually every industry, especially medical. Fripp Design has made a major impact on the world of prosthetics with 3D printed prosthetic eyeballs. About 150 eyeballs can be produced per hour, costing the customer as little as $160 each. Compare that to a glass eye that takes weeks to make and several thousand dollars to purchase! More impressive is the accuracy of the prosthetic eye: from the iris to the web of veins surrounding the iris, 3D printing captures the tiniest of details otherwise looked over. The 3D-printed prosthetic eyes will be made available to under-developed countries such as India, where there is a greater need and fewer resources for prosthetics. From arms to eyes, the future of 3D-printed prosthesis is looking bright!

3d-printed eyeballs
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