3D Printing for the Wolverine and “Logan”

In honor of Hugh Jackman’s final run as the iconic Wolverine in this weekend’s “Logan”. We have complied a few of our favorite 3D Printing projects based on our favorite sharp clawed hero, including a project that brings us a little bit closer to the hero in real life.

To bring attention to the (actually a very cool) Kickstarter campaign, Make Zine published a tutorial showing readers how to 3D print their own set of working Wolverine claws. The tutorial includes links to all of the relevant components needed for the project, including the 3D printable files, a parts shopping list and easy to follow diagrams for the electronics and wiring required. Once assembled, the MyoWare sensor will pop and retract the claws just by flexing and relaxing your arm muscles. And if you want to pop the claws out and leave them out without needing to keep your arm flexed, just hold the flex for two seconds and a trigger lock mechanism will activate. In order to retract the claws again, simply flex for two seconds again and relax, and they will pop back in.

Samuel N. Bernier, creative director of leFabShop, has created an amazing 3D model for Halloween or for Cosplay fans: single print telescopic Wolverine claws with great sound effect. This one is for the X-Men geek in you. To make it smooth, use sandpaper to remove the grooves. If the blades still don’t open completely, you may ad some oil of grease. You can also paint them to give them a metal look.

The 3D models are available for free here: https://cults3d.com/en/game/le-fabshop-wolverine-claws

And of course we did an entire blog post over how awesome titanium bone implants were being used to slowly turn us all into mutants ourselves.  All joking aside, both Limbitless Solutions and E-Nable are fantastic organizations that are doing amazing work and could really use your support. And be sure to check out the new film “Logan” in theatres NOW!

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