3D Printing for Tour de France

Italian bicycle company Pinarello has used 3D printed cockpits on some of its latest bikes. The titanium 3D printed components were used by riders Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas during the opening stage of this year’s Tour de France in Dusseldorf, Germany.

During the opening stage, yellow jersey wearer Froome and fellow Brit Geraint Thomas sported special 3D printed bike parts on their Pinarello bikes. Thomas went on to win the stage, with Froome coming in sixth.

Versions of the titanium 3D printed cockpits (i.e. handlebars, shifters, and brakes) were also used by Spaniard Mikel Landa and Colombian Sergio Henao. The 3D printed cockpits made by Pinarello were designed specifically for Froome and Thomas using both computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, and are optimized for time trial races.

A powder bed 3D printing system was used to fabricate the titanium Pinarello bike components, making them extremely lightweight and producing a textured finish that is in stark contrast to the smooth appearance seen on machined components.

Furthermore, and in what is surely great news for amateur and pro riders alike, Pinarello is planning to make these special 3D printed cockpits available to the general public. Customers can undergo a special body scan to determine measurements and other variables, after which they can get their 3D printed cockpits within about 90 days.

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