3D Printing to Infinity and Beyond!

3D printing has literally become rocket science… at least, science for rockets! NASA has plans to print 3D IN SPACE. A few concepts include printing food and supplies for astronauts and recreating environments out of dirt and soil on other planets. The zero-gravity printers are projected to launch in August 2014. Perhaps a more conceivable notion is printing rocket parts that can withstand the heat and pressure of a rocket’s launch. NASA is currently using an injector made with layers of fused nickel-chromium alloy powder melted down in a process called selective laser melting. 3D printed injectors are made of only 2 parts compared to the 115 parts of an assembled injector. This saves both time and money and provides the security and solidarity of a 3D printed product. NASA intends to make 3D rocket parts available to private-industry, American-based companies upon meeting regulatory standards. 3d printing technology truly Inspires Innovation! Find out more at www.space.com.



Photo Credit: NASA Glenn Research Center


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