3D Printing a Kitten Wheelchair


If you have been following our blog for any amount of time, you know that we really love it when 3D printing can help animals in need. These heartwarming stories are some of our favorites to tell and today is no different. Meet Cassidy, he is a kitten that had an E. Coli infection in his back legs.Luckily for him, he was found by Shelley Roche, who runs the Tiny Kittens Society. The society is a non-profit organization that helps abandoned kittens and cats found within Langley, in British Columbia. The organization is also notable because it keeps a 24/7 kitten oriented web cam that has reach world wide acclaim.


Despite his handicap, Cassidy persevered. After being nurtured back to health, he began learning to get around without his back legs, Shelly Roche explains that “He actually had learned how to lift his little bum off the ground and walk like a reverse velociraptor.” After seeing the kitten’s story, Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, high school students from Walnut Grove Secondary school decided to take action. Together they began to design a way for Cassidy to get around. 3D printing provided the best option, as a fast and reliable method for rapid prototyping, it allowed for the two to create several design models for Cassidy. The final design is an adorable wheelchair that was donated by Handicapped Pets Canada. You can see the video of him taking his first steps below.




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