3D Printing Meets Chocolate


Made as an end-of-year thank you for clients, design agency Universal Favourite has doled out some truly impressive edible gifts, which they’ve dubbed “Complements”. The chocolates are not only stunningly colorful (with many looking like marble or Jackson Pollock paintings), but they feature a tesselated staircase design, à la MC Escher.


According to Universal Favourite, the structure was inspired by the “complementary relationship between client and designer”, which is especially fitting considering that the individual chocolates can be paired together to create perfect cubes of chocolate. As each color of chocolate signifies a different flavor, pairing two different ones together also means a complementary taste combination.


The design agency commented on their stunning (and no doubt delicious) chocolates saying, “Wanting to create something outside the box that could be paired in endless combinations, we designed an original modular shape that was 3D printed into positives and then turned into chocolate molds.”


Not only are the modular chocolates beautiful on their own, but the Aussie design agency has also crafted an equally stunning box to present them in. The box’s design was obviously inspired by the chocolates themselves, as it features a colorful and geometric graphic.

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