3D Printing a Mind Controlled Car


One of the best achievements of 3D printing is that it has allowed designers to access the ability to quickly produce prototypes in virtually any form, quickly, cheaply, and effectively. This has led to a boom in the invention industry, where people are cranking out absurd prototype designs left and right, to create unique tools, items, or even toys, to help throughout the day. When you combine these new techniques with emerging technologies from other fields, you can create some pretty awesome gadgets.


Such is the case for two Russian teenagers who have created an RC vehicle that can be controlled by a headset with EEG electrodes reading discs that are attached to your scalp. Using 3D printing, Dmitri Ulevsky and Daniel Reshetnikov were able to create a housing structure for the electronics, and a body for the mind controlled toy. The headset itself functioned by controlling the forward and reverse with EEG electrode pads attached to your head, which controlled the acceleration and deceleration functionality, while an accelerator mounted to the headband controls direction.


While this is still a far cry from a Nobel prize, the age and innovation of the students alone is noteworthy. They received a major award from the Learn Intel Edison remote school for winning their custom electronics competition. The duo also received recognition and been nominated by the Raspberry Pi and Arduino hobbyist boards. This tech has huge amounts of potential to help benefit individuals with limited motor function, who may not be able to use their hands to move around, or activate controls.

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