Using 3D printing to help a mother see

In Brazil, 30 year old Tatiana Guerra is over 20 weeks pregnant. Thanks to a campaign from Huggies, and a little help from 3D printing, Tatiana went in for an ultrasound and was able to see her unborn son for the first time today. Tatiana is blind.

blind 2

Using 3D printing and scanning technology, the doctor had the ultrasound image sent to a 3D printing which then used that information to create a 3D statuette of the unborn baby, which Tatiana could then run her hand over to see what her son will look like. The same way she touches people to see them. You can see in the video the point where the doctor surprises Tatiana with the statue of her son. The words “I am your son.” were printed across the top in brail.

blind 1

Making a once impossible experience come true for this mother is just another way that 3D printing is helping to inspire innovation all across the planet. This technology can be used to make sure that ALL mothers have the ability to experience this important milestone in their life.




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