3D Printing Practice Organs


How often do surgeons get the chance to practice a specific operation? Really think about the question, because the answer might scare you. If a surgeon has a life threatening surgery of any complexity it can be hard to practice its performance without putting someone’s life in danger, particularly so for surgeries that are exceedingly rare or complex. Recently however, that has been changing with the help of 3D printing.

Boston’s Children’s Hospital has reported the first cases of children benefiting from doctors using 3D printed form of their anatomy to rehearse the cases that they were working on to decrease the chances of injuring the child during surgery. Boston’s Children’s neurosurgeon Edward Smith, MD, stated that “These children had unique anatomy with deep vessels that were very tricky to operate on. The 3D-printed models allowed us to rehearse the cases beforehand and reduce operative risk as much as we could.” Helping to save lives is just another way that 3D printing is inspiring innovation in all forms of life and especially in the field of medicine.


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