3D Printing a working NES Emulator

What do you get when you combine the new Rapberry Pi operating system and a little bit of creative 3D printing? The Nin10do, an emulator that has pretty much all of your favorite, classic video games from the 80s rolled into one. Including the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genisis, Apple2, the Attari 2600 and more. However, what really makes this project stand out is that the mechanics and case for the system are 3D printed, making for a unique and professional look to the case of the system.


This cool throwback piece was put together by TheDanielSpies at hackaday.com, and he has posted the entire how-to videos to show everyone how to create your own. It is just a creative example of how 3D printing is helping to inspire innovation by connecting the past and the present with two technologies that are decades apart.


List, Jung. “Build Your Own NES With 3D Printing And A Raspberry Pi.”LifeHacker. LifeHacker, 9 July 2015. Web. 10 July 2015

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