3D Shook May Shake Commercial Printing

The internet holds wonders for those interested in 3D CAD files. Many sites offer open source designs for anyone wanting to download them, but free can come with downsides. One is that quality is rarely controlled, and there is little incentive to do good work without payment. Another is that finding something to meet your needs can take hours without access to a sophisticated organizational system. 3D Shook, a company dubbed the “Netflix of CAD”, claims that they will offer a curated and tested selection of exclusive designs to their members. They have a skilled team of product and industrial engineers along with a design team that studies the desires, needs and wants of the community. Their launch, set for tomorrow, comes with the promise of five hundred designs spanning forty categories as well as a projected one hundred and fifty new designs becoming available each month. The Israeli startup company hopes to set a quality standard for 3D designs online; a goal that will undoubtedly serve them well as 3D printing continues to rise in the commercial marketplace.

3d Shook

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