The 3D Varius Invades Kickstarter!


Last year the 3D Printed violin captured our imagination by pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with 3D printing. The violin sounds incredible as an awesome mix between classical music with influences from rock and roll, the3D printed violin is able to replicate the sound of both a classical violin and an electric guitar.  Now, the violin (which has been dubbed as the 3D Varius) has been refined, making it lighter, with a cleaner design and a better sound quality. The startup has now begun its fundraising campaign through the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, where you can donate to the project or purchase equipment or even the 3DVarius prototype itself.

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The project which began in 2012; the brain child of French violinist and engineer Laurent Bernadac, was born from creating an electrical violin that could meet the needs of the most high-end violinists on the planet. This proved difficult as the preferred process for producing electric violins in aluminum was both difficult to shape, and much too heavy for Laurent’s intent. His search for a solution to this problem eventually led him to 3D printing, which could produce virtually any design he could imagine in as minimalist and lightweight a way as possible. Because the body of the violin is created in a single piece instead of multiple parts, this also gives it a very unique property, “allowing for a smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument.” This give the violinist a better tone and quality overall, and allows for them to have a greater control of the sound produced.

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The violin is printed on a high-end Sterolithography (SLA) printer in a durable material that can withstand the pressure from the violin strings. The resulting piece is incredibly light, matching the weight of the traditional violin Stradivarius upon which all of its designs are based. It can also be fitted with any attachments that would normally be used on a normal Stradivarius, such as the shoulder rest and the mute.  The first rounds of prototypes are now available on Kickstarter for around €6,300 (about $7,000). Of course there are other awesome things available on the Kickstarter page as well, including tickets to one of the first concerts to feature the 3DVarius in Paris, and a 1/3 scale model of the violin for you collecting enthusiasts. You should also definitely check out Laurent Bernadac’s youtube page, and see him cover some awesome hit songs while using the Varius.

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