9 Year Old starts 3D Printing Business


Children tend to be much more giving creatures than their older counterparts. Quick on the uptake to help those in need, 9 year old Calramon Mabalot goes even further than most children. Claramon has been influenced by 3D printing from a very young age. He has already begun his own 3D printing service known as Brother Robot, with his father and brother. But he was also inspired to use his 3D printing skills to help those in need by making a 3D printed hand for Nick, a Canadian visiting San Diego who was born without his right hand. Nick met Calramon and his family at a 3D printing seminar at a local library. There, as the librarian gave basic instructions on 3D printing a prosthetic hand, Calramon became interested in creating a 3D printed hand for Nick, who happily offered to be the 9-year-old’s “guinea pig”.


The 3D printed prosthetic hand that Calramon made for Nick was based off of designs and instructions from e-NABLE, the organization that brings together makers from all over the world to design and create open-source 3D printed prosthetic hands for children. The prototyping process for the hand, which took a few attempts, was all done at the local library, while the final processes of assembling were done by Calramon at home in his own 3D printing lab. While 3D printing prosthetics in strangers is hardly something new, there is an exceptional amount of drive displayed in someone as young as Calramon, who is already striving to make the world a better place.


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