Ancient Statue of Zeus from Olympia Revived


The Rio 2016 Olympics has finally arrived, the games has already begun and to celebrate the anniversary of the 1996 Summer Olympics that took place in Atlanta. The Millennium Gate Museum has gotten a 3D Printed replica of the statue that has always represented the Olympics for years, the great statue of Zeus from Ancient Olympia. This statue can be found in the heart of the Olympic Games, which was founded in western Greece back in 776 BC. Zeus was considered to be highly associated with the Olympics that they built a huge Temple of Zeus in honor for Olympia 435 B.C. many visitors were submerged by the (43 feet) tall statue of Zeus on his throne, the statue was then later destroyed in a fire in 475 B.C.


The question for some is how would you be able to recreate a statue of that size with no existing reference? Museum director Jeremy Kobus explains that they aimed towards 3D printing giant’s Stratasy and local 3D printing service c. After an extensive amount of research a 3D model made by 3DP Tree is printed in thermoplastics, rather than gold or ivory with the 3D Stratasy Fortus 900mc. Though the model is a lot shorter than the original (6 feet exact) this just shows how amazing the ancient wonder must have been. But for the Millennium Gate Museum, this statue is just as memorable as the Olympics itself showing that 3D printing can recreate lost artifacts around the world. 3D printing clearly has an important role in preserving our human history collection.


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