Autodesk and Microsoft Integrate Spark into Windows 10



Following up on the news that Windows 10 will provide direct integration with XYZ’s line of 3D printers Microsoft and Autodesk have announced that Windows 10 will also have Spark; Autodesk’s new and free 3D printing software, embedded into the operating system. This outlines a clear plan for several in-roads into 3D printing for Microsoft, and puts Autodesk in a position to have more access to Microsoft customers. This also puts Microsoft in a better position to help develop their .3MF file type, which they are beginning to try and circulate as a universal format for all 3D files, replacing the currently used .STL which has become long in tooth.


As this announcement comes hot on the heels of Autodesk’s new Stingray Gaming engine; which is directly integrated with Spark, opens up a new framework for distributing print models to be earned or purchased in future developed games. This further outlines Autodesk’s plans for laying the foundation to improve its Reality Computing Framework, integrating its own vast network of architecture, animation and scanning Apps into Microsoft’s operating system. These additions will help create a more seamless ecosystem for Autodesk and Windows users while also helping to inspire innovation in the world of 3D printing.





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