Bring 3D Printing Home , To Your 3D Printed Homes


Imagine living in a house created from nothing but a 3D printer. This idea began as a loose concept, but is quickly becoming the reality of today. There are designers that make 3D-printed parts which could connect together to make a single building. WinSun is one of these companies; they are using 3D printing to develop modular cement designs. Using these techniques has its benefits such as solving issues that pertain to printing for second floors or balconies using cement materials. This past year they have used 3d printing techniques to make mansions and houses for Shanghai, China that included a five-story building. Another company is World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) that prefers a different route more towards mobile designs, using an on-site print can generate an entire building however by using these techniques the building printed limits in size. Engineers have presented the idea of tracks on the whole printer to make the building larger.


There are many people who feel that a house made from a 3D printer is either a scam or wouldn’t catch on at all, but this could be an advantage with developing nations that require rapid expansions. Though 3D printing parts is an advanced method, they will not fully replace traditional construction techniques. However these advance parts do give engineers a new set of tools to assist with developing new solutions and designs with inherent properties. With the right engineers and designers on the job, these techniques and designs just may find its way into your home in the future.

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