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Everyone loves the PS4, it’s powerful for a console and harkens back to the design themes from the classic PS2 that many of us grew up with. Unfortunately, like most full console gaming systems, you are stuck at home, and transporting all that hardware from place to place for gaming events or playing with friends can be frustrating and has a high chance of damaging your hardware. Well, Eddie Zarick of has created a spectacularly geektastic way of making our life easier with the help of some 3D printing and a little ingenuity.


You can almost hear the triumphant Star Wars theme in your head as this incredibly detailed case open up revealing a portable PS4 system that just happens to look like R2D2’s younger brother. When asked how pivitol 3D printing was to this build Zarick stated that “…without it I would never have been able to make this system,” Zarick explained to us. “The ability to make on-the-go parts for exactly what I need is absolutely key. Being able to take parts, shrink them, modify them, then have them in hand in only an hour or less is spectacular and crucial when making systems like this R2-D2 one. Plus did I mention how much more affordable it makes the process! Way cheaper and faster than typical injection molding or creating the parts on a CNC mill.”  With the complexity of this case and awesomeness of some of Zaricks other projects we can truly say that 3D printing has helped tio inspire innovation, allowing for Zarick to truly build a better console.



Krassenstien, Brian. “Designer Uses 3D Printing to Create This Portable R2-D2 Star Wars Themed Playstation 4.”, 22 July 2015. Web. 22 July 2015.

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