Carbon Fiber An Excellent Alternative

3D Printed Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a newly-improved-upon material used by 3D printers! Carbon Fiber is made up of long, metallic strands that continue as one element. This uniquely shaped material is both durable and flexible; enabling it to withstand extreme heat and pressure changes.

Now that Carbon Fiber can be used in longer strands oppose to shorter strands, (deterring strength and stiffness) high performance composite materials are being replaced with 3D printed Carbon Fiber.
Longer strips take less manufacturing time and cost to create. It offers readily made and easily customizable options for the automobile and aeronautic industries, among others. Carbon Fiber can actually be preprogrammed to change along with water and heat! For example: jet engines change shape with heat and care airfoils can change shape with fluctuating levels of H2O in the atmosphere!

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