Cheeto’s 3D Printed Short Film


3D Printing has helped create a lot of amazing things. Particularly in the world of manufacturing and design, where it has given entrepreneurs and inventors the ability to modify and craft designs quickly and efficiently. Or in the medical fields, where it is allowing scientists to revolutionize medical procedures by making them more patient oriented. But 3D printing has also been a creative boo n to the artistic industries such as the film industry. In fact, the upcoming animation juggernaut Laika Studios has been using 3D printing to craft some of the most pioneering and critically acclaimed films of our time, with hits like the Box Trolls and Kubo and the Two Strings.


However, other studios are now beginning to take up this method of 3D printing and stop motion animation to create films. The 3D printing company Studio FATHOM joined forces with Athena Studios, an independent film studio that specialized in stop motion animation, to conceive a spooky film that celebrates the special Halloween edition of “Bag of Bones” Cheetos. Commissioned by Frito-Lay, the snack producer responsible for the Cheetos brand, Athena Studios created the entire script and storyboard, and then turned to FATHOM’s Rapid Prototype Technician and Model Maker Victoria Most to help meld their artistic ability with 3D printing and urethane casting.

In order to achieve the unique and pristine finished look of the main characters in the ghoulish short film, which is entitled The Delivery, Most and the Athena Studios team decided to 3D print the master pattern before creating the final film models with urethane casting. Since multiple versions of the hero character were needed to film the entire video, the collaborative team created three full-sized puppets. Not only were the heroic main characters brought to life with 3D modeling, 3D printing, and handcrafted expertise, the werewolf and zombie monsters in the film were also 3D printed before being painted. You can check out the video below.

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