Conditioning your Dog with 3D Printing


Owning a dog is fantastic, and can be incredibly rewarding for both the dog and the owner. But we have all faced issues of leaving the dog alone at home for hours on end, and we have all seen the terrified look in our pooches eyes as it thinks we are leaving forever whenever we walk out the door. Now, Roboplan Technologies, a coding company out of Tel Aviv has unveiled their most recent creation PlayDog. PlayDog is a training game that can be used by your dogs when you are away from home to automatically keep them entertained, exercised and fed.


The game works by utilizing Pavlonian psychology, which conditions the dogs to play the game in reward for a treat. You begin by placing the 3D printable “bases” as Roboplan calls them, around the house in areas that the dog can access. At pre-determined intervals, the bases will begin to emit a noise. The noise prompts the dogs to come and investigate, once they approach it, it triggers a sensor on the base, and the noise switches to one of the other bases. When the dog has approached all of them, the base dispenses food, rewarding the dog for a job well done. All in all, 3D printing has helped to inspire innovation for a new way to help man, and man’s best friend.  All of the printable files and code for PlayDog are available here.


You can also check out a video of the toy in action below.

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