Disney Research Creates auto-connecting software


Disney has never been a company to stop innovating, and their recent endeavors into the research and development of 3D printing programs has shown clear strides forward with the 3D Printed Bionic Arm. But Disney hasn’t stopped there, they have now developed software that will allow you to create and print parts that will connect virtually any two objects together. They released the information in a research paper aptly titled “AutoConnect: Computational Design of 3D-Printable Connectors “. It can take two objects with specified dimensions and create a connector that is specifically molded to fit both pieces.


The software is straightforward and easy to use. As shown in the video below, they explain how the software works, and some of the many applications. The greatest difficulty in this popular form of 3D printing is that creating models for your specific use can be difficult, requiring CAD software that also requires an experienced user. AutoConnect gives general consumers the ability to create custom connection pieces without the hassle of designing them outright.

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