The Little Dog Who Could

Derby is a dog who was born without much of a chance, his front two legs never grew properly, leaving him disabled and unable to walk. Due to his deformation Derby was placed into a foster home where he was eventually adopted by Darla an employee in the 3D Printing field. Darla felt that Derby’s condition simply wouldn’t do.

Working alongside the Peace and Paws Rescue group, they constructed a way for Derby to walk on his own again. Thanks to 3D printing and scanning technology, they scanned Derby’s front legs, and used that information to perfectly form new prosthetic legs, for Derby that fit over his front legs.

Now Derby gets along on his own, he no longer requires a wheeled harness, which hampers his mobility. With the assistance of 3D Printing technology, and a little love and compassion from the world around him, Derby can run, jump and play, just like all of the other dogs.



The 3D printing industry is Inspiring Innovation everywhere you turn. Utilizing 3D technology makes this process much cheaper and faster. For example… 3D scans will make creating the prosthetics much easier and extremely accurate, eliminating the need to hand craft a new pieces to fit specifically to Derby. Using this technology is just another way that 3D printing has been used to make the world just a little warmer place, and in this case, making for one very happy puppy.


Derby Legs



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