The Drinkable Book


Clean water in undeveloped countries is often considered a luxury, and it costs millions of lives every year.  World leaders, humanitarians, and developers have been working for years to develop different ways to combat this problem. Now, charity organization Water is Life has developed a new and incredibly interesting way to help. Developed in part with the help of creative company DBB America, they call it the Drinkable Book, and it has the ability to both educate about waterborne diseases, and also provide a means for purifying water for people in countries that are suffering from underdevelopment and other issues.


Many people in these undeveloped countries don’t understand that the water they are drinking is the source of their sickness. So the Drinkable Book is filled with pages that educate on how to check for clean drinking water, and how to purify it. The books pages can also be torn out and then used as filters. The pages are coated in silver nano-particles which kill bacteria. This helps to clean the waters of diseases and bacteria such as cholera, E. coli, and typhoid bacteria, making the water safe to drink. The Drinkable book is incredibly cheap to produce, taking advantage of 3D printed binding that doubles as a container and filter support. According to its developers a book can provide a single person with clean drinking water for over a year. You can see the groups video below.



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