The ECHOdrive Let’s You Print… Print… Print…

Over the time it’s been around, 3D printing has been an industry that requires relentless planning and monitoring between prints. Files selected for printing have to be arranged on a tray for optimal efficiency of time and materials. Conditions in and around the printer must be set up and kept up precisely. Parts and equipment such as build heads or ultraviolet projectors require complex maintenance before and after each project. 3D printing has never been viable for mass production, in part because of its long build times and its constant need for human workers. This is why Mobium Solutions based out of Penn State have decided to step 3D printing’s automation game up.


mobium ECHOdrive


Mobium’s new plate system, dubbed ECHOdrive, boasts automated part removal for successive part production as well as remote printing that will allow you to print anything that you could normally through an online GUI. It offers queue management for a simple way to print rapidly and the system can self-monitor by-way-of integrated sensors and intuitive software. This simple, yet exciting, advance in 3D printing systems and software seems like something that printer makers are likely to try out in their coming designs. Integration of something like this would greatly increase the rate of production for printers, crossing off another con of 3D printing. The industry is advancing with every innovation such as this, and standing on the shoulders of these giants are the printers of the future. At this rate, we are sure to meet them soon.


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