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The average American today takes slightly over 10 pills a day, so where how do you keep track of all those pills? With the increasing amount of pills that are recommended by doctors to get through your daily life, keeping track of what you need to take, and when you need to take them, can become a major issue. I’m sure you have all seen the weekly pill dividers that are used by your relatives, or even used them yourself. But taking the time out each week to set aside each pill into its corresponding place can be time consuming, complicated, and tedious. Abe Matamoros is seeking to change this with his EllieGrid product.


Abe began the development on this product, after learning that his grandfather hadn’t been taking his medication as often as he needed to. His grandfather stated that it took too long to separate the pills into each individual section, and thus he hadn’t been taking them. Abe wanted a product that could be used to help make this part of his grandfather’s life easier, and give him a way to ensure that his grandpa was taking his medications on time. But to create the product he envisioned, meant that he would have to go through many iterations to get the design right.  This rapid prototyping process can often be expensive and time consuming. Abe solved these issues by turning to 3D printing, which allowed him to produce several versions of his project, and make adjustments along the way with minimal effort.


ElliGrid ensures that you stay connected to your loved ones medical habits; by connecting the dispensing tray to an app on your smart phone. You enter the appropriate information, and the app will alert you when medicine is due, and the lights on the top of the case give a clear and simple message of how many of each pill is required. The app can also be used as a sort of monitoring device, and comes with several safety features. As the case itself can be set to sync with the app, it can also alert you as to whether or not the medicine case has been opened, and send you notifications when your loved ones take their meds. (Or if they haven’t) The case will also alert you whenever it has been opened, so you can be sure that the medications have remained un-tampered with since the last time you looked at them. This awesome product is available for pre-ordering now, and you can check out the heartfelt video below.

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