Evill Cortex Cast

As most anyone who has broken a bone would attest, the healing process can almost be worse than the breaking process. Modern casts are made with two layers, a hard outer one to keep the appendage immobile, and a softer cotton or synthetic material lining that can provide comfort around bony structures of the body. While this serves its purpose of decreasing muscle contraction and immobilizing joints, the creation of, duration of, and emancipation from these clumsy coverings can all be a hassle. This is why Jake Evill, a pioneer in what has become the art of 3D printed medical tools, created the Evill Cortex.

Now, avoiding being misled by the name, this concept could be used in any hospital with a 3D printing setup to make strong, waterproof braces for any break on any person. This would be a simple process, involving all of the normal doctor steps of an X-ray and diagnosis, but with the innovative twist of a 3D scan and printing of the program-generated exo-skeleton. It really is incredible when an idea like this comes around and expands the range of possibility into what most of us hadn’t even imagined. Along with being a highly useful medical tool, this fashion statement of a cast works with just about an DIY superhero costume.

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