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Mink is a prototype for an at-home 3D printer marketed to 13-21 year-old females. What, you ask, might this end product be? Given the name and the target demographics, perhaps it prints small, cuddly replicas of exotic animals.  Or, maybe it prints 3D holograms of boy bands idols. If your next guess is makeup, you are correct!

Mink claims to transform colors from a photo or screenshot into an ink that is mixed with a powder or cream base to produce personalized shades of eye shadow. The 3D printer “unlocks pixels” by duplicating any hexadecimal code. Choi, the brain behind the brawn, envisions multiple product lines to be made available using the same machine. To do so, Mink would need individual chips for each product, in addition to the materials necessary to produce each product. If brought to market, this prototype has the potential to usher in a rediscovery of sorts akin to the Tupperware phenomenon! 3D printing: making its way into the hearts and minds of young girls by way of Light Lavender Shimmer.

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