Fantasy, No More

There was a time when obscure and creative things were hard to get.  Those things needed to be wanted by enough people for a company to decide that it would be worth creating them.  This age of a few years ago was a dark one, but now imagination holds power, and our once-wild dreams can be realized with the magic of 3D printing.  One source of inspiration for these dreams is the wonderful land of Westeros.  For those of you who didn’t become a whole lot more interested in this article at the mention of the Game of Thrones homeland, Westeros is one of the war-torn lands featured in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.  Within this series is a game called Cyvasse, a somewhat small detail in the series, but something that superfans have been clamoring for since the fourth book in the series.  Now, with that previously mentioned magic of 3D printing and design, along with the dedication of a Thingiverse user known as Dutchmogul, this open source game can be downloaded and printed by anyone with access to a computer and 3D printer.  This new printable world is expanding every day to enable imagination.  I’m reminded of the aptly named song Pure Imagination and its lyrics “Anything you want to, do it” because today it really is that simple.  The internet is lined with fantastic creations like this one to Inspire Innovation in us all.


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