With great 3D printing, comes great Spider-Man Masks.


Medical advancements aside, one of the coolest niches for hobbyist 3D printing has been the incredible pieces of artwork and costumes that can be created using it. A man named Yuri Schuurkes from the Netherlands has been working on this design of a Spider-man costume for years. He started when he was 18, when he watched the 2002 film Spider-Man which gave him the original inspiration for the costume. Schuurkes who is now 30, has been making costumes professionally ever since.  He talks about the effect the movie had on him by saying that “Seeing Spider-Man come to life on the big screen back in 2002 made a big impression on me, and I really wanted a suit like that,” he continues “I never particularly was a fan of Spider-Man, but there was something about this costume that amazed me. After looking everywhere for a movie-quality suit, I got my hands on a costume kit. It was a partially finished suit that I had to finish myself. When I finished it I didn’t really like it at all, so eventually decided to build the entire thing myself from scratch.”


Unfortunately, he could never get the mask to look as good as he had originally envisioned.  All of his research stated that the methods previously used to create the mask to the level he wanted were all way out of his price range. Schuurkes stated that “My research showed me that making a shell to my required standards was not possible with the budget I had available,” Schuurkes tells us. “But then new 3D printing technology arrived and it opened all the doors. Not only could I keep fine tuning the design until it was exactly the way I wanted it to be, it also made it possible to easily create multiple sizes so everybody could wear one.” He has posted the masks for purchase on Shapeway, and as you can see from his photos below the mask is definitely impressive. Hopefully the world of 3D printing can continue to inspire innovation for Schuurkes, and help him build even bigger and better props and costumes in the future.





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