Happy Holidays from Professional Image 3D!


Normally these blogs are filled with some of the coolest and most helpful stories from the 3D printing industry. But seeing as that it’s the season for giving, we have compiled a list of all of all our favorite 3D Printable Holiday gifts and knickknacks.

Christmas Ornaments     

 3d-print-for-christmas 3d-printed-star-christmas

Whether it’s a pixilated star, or lockable boxes, 3D Printing is becoming the king of Christmas ornaments thanks to its ability to produce difficult shapes of all your favorite decorations.


Grumpy Cat Tree Ornament


This guy is cute enough to deserve his own section, right?

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Who doesn’t need a paperweight reminder of this timeless holiday classic?

Abdominal Snow Monster 


From the classic stop motion animation Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, another fun reminder for the holidays!

Labyrinth Gift Box


For those of you who just adore making your presents hard to get into, try stuffing a twenty into this fun puzzle box….. Good luck getting it back.

Christmas Cookies!!!

What holiday list wouldn’t  be complete without cookies!?! For those of you industrial enough to own a food safe printer, you can check out this site filled with different cookies to print and enjoy!



We hope you all enjoy are list and have an incredible holiday season!!!

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