“How long will it take to get my part ?”

Waiting for a needed replacement part to arrive in the mail can be frustrating. Overnight delivery has become such a norm that snail mail is no longer a viable option. We’ve all been there – clicking the web tracking link to find out where the shipment is and when it is going to arrive, hoping it doesn’t get delayed or worse – lost in the system. Would it have been better to drive the 230 miles and pick it up myself? Imagine you are on the International Space Station 230 miles above the Earth and you need a part. Somehow, it now takes on a whole new perspective. There is no overnight delivery, no driving to pick it up yourself; heck – snail mail speeds would be totally acceptable in your situation. Now, what if you could just print your part yourself on a “Made in Space 3D printer”? That would mean no more waiting and no more backordered parts – it’s print on demand. It’s the future and its Innovation that Inspires!



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