Imagine: The Car of Your Dreams

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The first 3D printed car named the Strati drove out of the McCormick convention center in Chicago, IL on Saturday. It takes 44 hours to print the main body frame that is produced as a single unit using a BAAM Machine (big area additive manufacturing), which deposits 44lbs per hour. Technicians then add an electric motor, a battery, wiring, and window glass to the car. The Strati was created at the IMTS tradeshow (International Manufacturing Technology Show) sponsored by the AMI (Association for Manufacturing Technology), an association that promotes manufacturing based in the United States. The Department of Energy is largely responsible for the demonstration. The potential for everyday use of 3D printed cars lies in the endless possibilities of customization. The printer used to create a car takes up approximately 100 sq feet. The idea is that 3D can produce a totally unique “car of your dreams”.


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