Interstellar uses 3D printing for Major Prop Productions

3D printing has made its way to Hollywood! Ok, so maybe it’s been there for awhile, but it has become one of the forefront items in the world of prop and visual design elements for films. Including the Christopher Nolan helmed Interstellar.

3D printing was used extensively in the prop production of the film to help capture the Sci-Fi and hi-tech feel of the movie. New Deal studios, one of the leading prop design companies in the business used several different types of 3D printers to match the huge workload for the film.


“It still takes an amazing team of talented artists to turn those parts into film worthy FX but it helps get us there faster and cheaper than having to fabricate everything by hand,”  Jeffrey Jasper, Digital FX Supervisor & CTO of New Deal Studios, Inc.

This is just another way that 3D printing is helping to inspire innovation in another creative field in the world. With the help of more 3D printing in films such as The Box Trolls and Coraline, how long until we see an entirely 3D printed film?

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