Inventors: Lend Me Your Ears!


Personal 3D printers are taking the hassle out of prototyping! Machines like the Form 1+ 3D printer make it possible for individual entrepreneurs and inventors to create and recreate prototypes without the intermediary hassles of process that arise at an outside source print shop or off-site location. One shining example is an automated stitching device to be used in the medical field. This device makes closing and stitching wounds faster, easier, and safer for health practitioners and patients alike. Alex was able to create and finalize his design through a series of prototypes that he printed from his desktop with a high-resolution rapid prototyping printer. He reflects on the time taken to produce this design to others, noting that the process condensed what otherwise would have taken the duration of 6 months of wait time into a single week! His costs decreased tremendously, as well. 3D printing is the future, and the future is now! If you’re interested in prototyping your design or becoming involved in the 3D process, contact Rick Radford, Director of Professional Image 3D toll free at (888) 408-7269 or send your thoughts and queries in an email to! Innovation that Inspires

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