Knee Replacement Anyone?

Having a knee replacement? The very though makes my biological knees shake. But for many knee replacement surgery restores independence and an active lifestyle lost to youth. The pain is worth the gain…right? Well now thanks to the incredible technology of 3D printing there is a lot less pain and a lot more gain. More and more surgeons are utilizing this rapid growing technology to make the patients recovery faster and more comfortable. Dr. Ralph Liebelt with Triangle Orthopedic Associates is one of these doctors who is embracing the technology.


“Because we’re matching their anatomy, we can reduce the amount of bone that’s resected, particularly off the femur, compared with a traditional implant” said Liebelt. Typically most knee doctors use an off-the-shelf knee implant and reshape the bone to match…thus the more reshaping involved the more discomfort afterwards. Instead Dr. Liebelt uses CT Scan Imaging to record the patient’s anatomy. This scan data is then used to 3D print a jig which in turn is used to create the new knee replacement. So long to one-size fits all body parts. This will in no doubt inspire innovation to other areas in the medical field.

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