The Knight Rider Rises


I’m sure over the years plenty of people have tried to re-create the iconic KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) car from the 1980s TV series Knight Rider, but it seems unlikely that anyone has come as close or been as innovative with their design approach as the group of people at the French company 3D Modular Systems. Taking a Pontiac Firebird and using 3D printing alongside traditional manufacturing processes to upgrade the car and give it not only the iconic look, but also several other functions allowing parts of the car to move and expand like they would in the TV show.


The 3D printing side of the equation was brought in as they wanted to reduce the overall weight of the car without having to remove any of the additions. Using 3D printing to inspire innovation they used a PLA plastic material that was printed into the exact shapes and forms needed for the KITT design while refraining from adding any unnecessary weight. You can see the incredible results of these additions in the video below.



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