Local Motors Reveals Line of 3D Printed Cars!

3D printing has long been the growing reality of part creation and design, which is one of the reasons that we are here today, but how long until 3D printing starts affecting the lives of everyday people on an everyday basis? If you ask Local Motors, the answer might surprise you. Last year they unveiled the world’s first working 3D printed car, now they have unveiled their intention for a full line up of 3D printed road-ready vehicles.c1

These car designs come from Kevin Lo, the winner of Local Motors Project Redacted, a design challenge focused on generating concepts for the new line up, the winner getting a cash prize, and of course having their designs go down in history as some of the world’s first 3D printed cars. Local Motors states that the cars will be printed in their new additive design factory in Knoxville, TN which will open in November, announcing that they plan to see these cars on the highway by the end of 2016 and be priced from $18,000 – $30,000. Local Motors is using 3D printing to help inspire innovation within their company, and possibly revolutionize the vehicle design process.



Krassenstien, Brian. “World’s First Road-Ready Line of 3D Printed Cars Unveiled Today by Local Motors.” 3DPrintcom. 3Dprint.com, 07 July 2015. Web. 08 July 2015.

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