May the 4th Be With You! : 3D Printing and Star Wars!

In honor of Star Wars Day, (May the 4th) we have put together this compilation of where Americas favorite, far far away galaxy collides with the world of 3D printing.


The most recent Star Wars film made plenty of homage’s to the original films that were nearly 30 years its senior; one of the more memorable moments came in a blink and you miss it moment of the holo-chess scene. But how did they replicate that scene so many years later? The answer is of course 3D printing.  After being digitally re-created, the pieces were printed out in a resin where they were then painted and prepped for stop-motion animation. Exact copies of the originals.


Ever since the first Star Wars film debuted back in the summer of 1977 the massive Star Destroyer space ships used by the evil Empire have stood as an imposing picture of their power. Unfortunately, taking that sense of awe and translating that into a real life scale has proved difficult. However one maker is giving it his best with this two foot long, monstrous print that is pretty awesome in its own right. At over 100 parts and 3 rolls (Nearly 7lbs of filament) This piece is a testament to the awesome power of a maker community. You can check out the original Gallery here.


Speaking of amazing prints, at this years CES (Consumer Electornics Show) in Las Vegas, even the professional printing groups were putting their best lightsabers forward with Star Wars products and displays abound, but none were quite as impressive as the full scale Stormtrooper that was on display at the center of the show room floor.  Created by using industrial grade 3D printers, this guy was truly the pinnacle of high-end 3D printing.

To finish off the list, we have what is possible the coolest 3D printing creation ever. Check out the video above, and May the 4th Be with you! Always.

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