This Is Not A Model! First 3D, 5-story Villa


WinSun Decoration Design Engineering recently unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed building and home that is large enough to be classified as a villa! The villa consists of five stories measuring a total of 1,100 sq meters. As the company’s name would infer, the villa is completely furnished and decorated with 3D materials inside and out. Previous experience in the construction industry laid the foundation for new and unique materials used in the 3D printing process. WinSun holds 98 Chinese patents for the construction materials used in building the house. in March of 2014, the company built ten regular-sized houses in Shanghai, each measuring 200 sq meters. The houses were printed with a gigantic 3D printer that manufactured each part using only concrete, costing a mere $4,800 each. WinSun continues to test new and different techniques in manufacturing materials to build better, sustainable, economical living quarters. It has been reported that one such innovative technique actually uses the carbon emissions expelled into the atmosphere (from recycling commonly-used, current-day building materials) as a component in one such material, thus eliminating inevitable pollution from the harmful waste by offering a different, 3D solution to the contents found within building materials!

Helsel, Sandra. “China’s WinSun Builds First 3D-Printed Villa and Tallest 3D-Printed Apartment Building.”China’s WinSun Builds First 3D-Printed Villa and Tallest 3D-Printed Apartment Building. Inside 3D Printing, 19 Jan. 2015. Web. 19 Jan. 2015.

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